Mar 212011

We recently received a Blendtec blender to review and wanted to share our findings with you.

If you missed our previous post, we interviewed the company, But nothing prepared us for our own personal experience.

Within 2 days we used the machine at least 11 times. That’s according to the digital counter on the blender. It lets you know just how many times you have used the machine.

Our machine is red and comes with an additional wildside jar and a recipe book .

So far we’ve made frozen drinks, smoothies and a protein shake.

The machine is not too loud (it didn’t wake up the kids during their nap) and it’s easy to set up and clean up.

What is great are the presets, so if you want to make a milkshake you just put in the ingredients and hit the button. It will blend it perfectly. If you want to make your own concoction you can use the speed settings and figure it out on your own.

If you are looking for a convenient appliance that will make you life easier-this is it.

It is hard enough if you’re a mom or someone who has a busy life style that requires you to run all over the place. We absolutely love that all you have to do for cleanup is add a drop of soap and a little water, blend it for a second or two, and the jar is clean.

If you don’t have one, we recommend investing in one. You will be glad you did. And if you are on a budget at the moment, then you’ll love the giveaway.

We’re giving one Blendtec Total Blender away courtesty of Blendtec.

All you have to do is visit their site and tell us the name of the man who invented the appliance.

Good luck!

  42 Responses to “Blendtec review and giveaway”

  1. Hey Mariam!

    So according to their site, Tom Dickson invented Blendtec. Here’s hoping I win 😉 This would be fun to have :)

  2. Are we just supposed to put the name in the comment section? It was Tom Dickson who invented it.

  3. Mashaallah great giveaway! I love vege-fruit smoothies.

    Tom Dickson is the guy who invented these.

  4. What a great giveaway indeed! My brother-in-law is getting married soon to a woman who loves cooking, and I’m sure she’ll love this!

    Oh, and the answer to the question: Tom Dickson is the inventor.

  5. What a wonderful giveaway! We would love to have the Blendtec in our home.

    The man who invented the Blendtec was Tom Dickson!

  6. Tom Dickson
    I am already dreaming about my new blender….

  7. It was invented by Tom Dickson!

  8. HIII! Tom Dickson!

    I sincerely hope I win one!!


  9. Tom Dickson invented the appliance, i can’t wait to win :)

  10. Salaam, the inventor of Blendtec blender was Tom Dickson.

  11. Tom Dickson invented it!! Here goes nothing, hope I win this won!!!

  12. Tom Dickson
    i hope that i win cause i am on a budget and my 2 year old keeps me busy all the time. would love to have some spare time! 😀

  13. Tom Dickson was the dude

  14. Mr. Tom Dickson

  15. I absolutely love his “Will It Blend?” series on YouTube.Tom Dickson invented the Blendtec.Insha’allah I hope I win!

  16. Oh this is awesome, if I don’t win I’ll buy this. It would be a perfect gift for my mommy :) Thanks Mariam!

    Oh yes and the inventor of this wonderful blender is Tom Dickson.

  17. Tom Dickson!!

  18. Tom Dickson is the inventor! What an awesome machine and it would be a wonderful help for dieters! Yay!

  19. Tom Dickson invented the blender.I love to save money and make smoothies at home for my children and I. Good luck everyone!!!

  20. Tom Dickson. thanks for the wonderful giveaway Mariam and all the best everyone.

  21. i was just thinking, that maybe you should kept the repsonses hidden or approved and post them until after the giveaway was closed. That way, it wouldn’t be this easy to post the answer. =)

    All the best everyone!

    and oh yesh, Tom Dickson invented the Blendtec appliance. Smart man!

  22. I’ve wanted one of these for several years. Just could never afford one! Tom Dickson is the inventor. Good luck to everyone!!

  23. Asalamu alaikum!

    Here’s my entry:
    Tom Dickson is the blendtec inventor : )

    Ma’a salama.

  24. Tom Dickinson invented Blendtec. :)

  25. Tom Dickson invented Blendtec!

    Thanks for the great contest :)

  26. Tom Dickson!

  27. Tom Dickson

  28. Tom Dickson and can you imagine? starting out blending 2×2’s? THANKS AND EVERYONE… HAVE A GREAT DAY!

  29. Lol, I didn’t even have to go. I lurve me some Tom Dickson videos! Anyhow, this would make a great gift for my friend who can’t eat solid food right now (and for many days to come).

  30. Tom Dickson invented the Blendtec. Thank you Mr. Dickson, and thank you hijabtrendz for the lovely giveaway!

  31. Tom Dickson of course…….Thanks so much for the giveaway!

    I love “Will it blend?” and would love to have this in my kitchen!

  32. Tom Dickson is the inventor.
    Dear Mariam , is your giveaway international? you have not mentioned it.I hope it is :-) :-)

  33. I’ve been thinking about getting a really good blender – it would just be amazing to win this one! Thanks.
    The answer is : Tom Dickson
    Kind regards.

  34. Salaam the inventor of this blender is Tom Dickson.

  35. Oh I was about to miss this giveaway.

    Blandtec blender was invented by Tom Dickson :)

  36. Tom Dickson! I remember the “will it blend?” videos on youtube from a few years back. I’ll probably just blend boring things like strawberries and bananas instead of electronics and gardening tools.

  37. Tom Dickson invented it.
    if i win this would be totally awesome

  38. Tom Dickinson is the inventor.

  39. Tom Dickson :)

  40. Tom Dickson is the name of the man who invented this marvelous machine. Now I hope my name is the one listed as the winner. Thanks for hosting a great giveaway.

  41. Tom Dickson invented the blender.

  42. […] blending with our Blendtec blender when we need some extra […]

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