Haute Hijab Giveaway

Haute Hijab is giving away one vintage scarf to a lucky Hijabtrendz reader!

The Jade Flower Scarf measures approximately 37 x 37 and is made of 100% Thai Silk. It is designed by Khanitha and is reversible.

One side features a floral and paisley design in soft pastel hues on a bright green background. The other side features the same florals and paisleys in richer hues.

To enter all you have to do is tell us how you would wear this hijab in the comments section below.

Good luck!

Contest ends Friday March 18th at midnight Central Standard Time. This is open internationally.

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  1. Islamic Clothing Online

    Well this hijabs looks really beautiful i must say. Amazing work on Hijab.

  2. ???????? Sama ????????

    This stunning scarf deserves to be worn, if it were mine I would most often wear it Turkish style (pinned with the ends pulled behind and neatly tucked) for work. It also would a make a lovely accessory and would probably end up getting used in a variety of ways…silk is a comfortable (albeit slippery) fabric.

  3. Maria

    I’ve just started wearing Hijab’s like this. I used to wear the Amira style Hijab because I had no idea how to wrap this & wasn’t really happy with the available colors or material.

    I would wear this with scarf with dark blue jeans & a nice mustard blouse (same yellow in the scarf) with jewelery & a large tan leather bag with either brown or tan shoes ~& would create a nice bow wrap at the neck!

  4. rinei

    this hijab looks light, I’d like to wear it during hot day 🙂
    specially along my study in college 🙂

  5. Meutia Fachrina


    I never dare wear green scarft coz I’m quite dark skin, but that scraft so pretty!!! I’ll fold it become triangle & use safety pin on my neck and wear gold acehness brooch at the point on my shoulder. (haaa …I’m sorry I’m not really good in english,but I try my best!!)

  6. Jessica Holguin

    I am a new Muslim. I am in the process of fully converting to Islam. Currently waiting for the arrival of my first Quran. I would wear the scarf of course on my head like every other Muslim and try many different styles. I really want this scarf because I honestly cannot afford much which is why I am looking on the internet for free giveaways.

    Thank you soo muchh

  7. Omera Begum

    I would wear this around the shoulders the way its on the mannequin. but i would do is wear a black long maxi dress then pin the scarf to my dress. wear a big and bold necklace since thats what is in now and i love big and bold jewelry. and around my head i would either wear a beige scarf or a all black scarf.

  8. Tiba

    I’d match it with a top in that green and wear it the classic style by pinning it under the chin and bring the two ends together at the back.

  9. A

    what a rich color! i’d most likely wear this the basic triangle hijab style (taking it back old school!), or layer it with some neutral color underneath (just so not to take away from the pattern and pizzaz of the hijab itself!). love it!

  10. Salina M

    Wa salaamu alikum,

    I would wear this scarf two ways:

    * As a bandana style; first wear a Amira hijab (pink or green colour) and on top of that the Haute hijab, triangle style by pinning it behind your head and tying a note.

    *Second as a normal triangle style by pinning it under the neck and neatly take the two ends tie it back of the neck.

  11. Jodi

    I would wear this two ways, as a Spanish wrap or as a lovely neck/shoulder scarf. I would match it with something casual like jeans and a long tunic to match the hijab colors or with a long skirt. I think no matter how you wear it would be lovely!

  12. Natalia

    I would wear it with long beige dress I have just got as a present from my mom, dark beige shoes with middle heels from Naturalizer and I think I would need a matching bag of green color. Scarf style: small hair band under the scarf to prevent the scarf from moving, pin under the chin, two extreme corners of scarf (that are in the front) will tie in a small knot, turn it around and slip my head through the hole. This way the knot will be under the scarf at the back of my neck. I have no idea if you understood the way I want to put it, but i see that it should be gorgeous. Cheers!

  13. Maryam

    salam. wow simply beautiful. it would look good even if u wrap it around like a basic hijab style. would loveeeeeeeeeeee it 🙂

  14. Maryam

    salam. wow simply beautiful. it would look good even if u wrap it around like a basic hijab style. would loveeeeeeeeeeee it 🙂

  15. Fatin

    I think i can use this scarf, looks really cute and i think it matches several tops i have.

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