Zeena Giveaway

We recently featured an article about the new Hijab fashion line Zeena and mentioned you could win this coral shrug.

So, what do you have to do?

Name your favorite piece from their Spring 2011 Line! (you can see pics here)

You have until Sunday February 6, 2011 to enter the giveaway for your chance to win the Coral Tie Shrug!

The giveaway is for persons residing in the U.S. & Canada.

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  1. Aisha Smith

    I vote for the teal tie shrug!!!!

  2. Sadaf Iqbal

    I like the coral shrug the best so far!

  3. Calara Hardin

    I’m really excited about the possibilities of the tunic; it’s unique. The cut and colors are on point, so thus far it’s my favorite.

  4. Martha Ramirez

    I like the Teal Tie Shrug!!!……..

  5. Sundus

    The coral shrug is my favorite!!

  6. Reem

    The blue/navy flyaway shirt!! so excited for this 😀

  7. Rukhsana

    Absolutely, Love the coral tie front shrug.

  8. Yasirah


  9. melanie bodner

    I just took Shahada and am so happy that I found you! I am trying to dress more modestly and my fav is the blue/navy flyaway shirt. I have donated LOTS of unmodest clothes that I had to charity so I am excited about this :)

  10. Safaa Issawi

    I honestly loved every piece I have seen so far. But if I had to choose, I’d say I loved the teal and coral tie shrug and the senorita skirt the most. Great job guys! Everything honestly looks great!

  11. sadia

    I think the tie shrug in teal is lovely…versatile and stylish!

  12. Rubina

    love the sleek skirts! so hot! :)

  13. Renee Furrha

    I loved almost every thing Zeena has to offer, but if I had to choose, I vote for the Blue/Navy Flyaway Shirt

  14. Haajra

    I like the coral shrug!

  15. Duha B

    They’re all supercute, mA, but I’m gonna have to go with the senorita skirt; it’s adorable :)

  16. Aneerah Ali

    Salaams…I honestly must say that ilove everything, its so hard to choose any one item…but if I had to pick I love the teal shrug…looking forward to being able to make purchases…May Allah bless you with much success!

  17. Aisha Sharfa

    I love the Senorita Skirt! Its GORGEOUS! and my kind of style :)

  18. Kirti

    I love the teal tie shrug and the senorita skirt. All of the pieces are very cute!

  19. Natalie

    I like the both colors. They are very pretty. Mashallah!!

  20. RM

    Hard to pick a favorite…but I pick the orange flyaway shirt!

  21. Karima

    Blue flyaway!!!

  22. Amnah Taufique

    My favorite item is the tie shrug!! I love everything about it – the colors, the cut, and the fall…simply zeena! 😉

  23. zehra

    the blue and navy flyaway shirt :)

  24. Jem

    Too bad, im from the netherlands:(. But i have to say the orange flyaway was my favv

  25. Flahet

    My favorite is the MAUVE SHRUG :)

  26. Zeinab

    I love the Skirt that was featured :)

  27. rema

    I love the teal tie shrug, stylish, fashion forward and comfortable, and the color is amazing! what more could a girl ask for?


  28. Rasha

    Orange flyaway shirt.

  29. Nooreen

    The Senorita skirt is just beautiful! I LOVE it! :)

  30. Hena

    Hard to choose! I like the mauve shrug…perfect for spring :)

  31. mohamed RAZI

    ITS GOOD U CAN DO MORE ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;MY SALAM TO U.

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