Don’t put yourself last

Maybe it’s a mom thing, maybe it’s a woman thing. Or maybe it’s just something that happens to anyone when they put other people’s needs before their own.

These last few weeks I have literally felt wiped out. It was to the point that my head was spinning and I thought I would pass out in my improv class. And then at home I almost dropped the baby. My vision even started to change. It seemed like I was losing my mind. In addition, I was so out of it I could barely keep up with posting on Hijabtrendz let alone respond to all the emails from readers.

What was going on?

I went to the doctor and had my blood tested and everything came back normal. I told my doctor that I wasn’t getting enough sleep and probably not eating properly either.

She told me to eat something with protein at least every 3 hours and that my vitamin D levels were extremely low.

I did what she said and slowly felt like I was recovering. Although now I’m convinced it was the combination of bad nutrition, lack of sleep and some kind of virus.

I want to say it gave me a life changing moment in which I decided to take control and put my health above all else. But, no, I’m still waking up to a teething/crying baby. I still have an almost 4 year old who gets up early and needs my attention, and I still have to juggle being a mom, wife, and running this website.

However, I am definitely trying to make sure I get to bed earlier, take my vitamins and set aside at least 5 minutes of “me” time.