Is it ok to touch your hijab?

I am loving every minute of my improv classes and am now in the middle of level 3 (there are 5 levels total). Although there are the occasional “blue” jokes, I try my best to ignore those and focus on improving my skills as well as building the foundation of trust, that an ensemble needs to have, in order to perform together.

Most of my classmates have been together since level 1 and it’s great because they know me and know what I’m comfortable doing and what I don’t like. That’s what’s great about improv. It really is about letting go, but also about respecting each others boundaries and making sure that everyone looks good in a performance.

This past week I was in class, and one of my classmates leaned over and said, “Oh you have a fuzz ball” and proceeded to pick it off the top of my hijab. I didn’t think anything of it (although I was embarrassed that my hijab wasn’t pristine), but one of my other classmates gave me this look like, “Did he really just do that?”

At the moment I really didn’t care. I thought it was a nice thing to do. I would rather someone tell me I had some food stuck to my teeth than go around laughing and talking and looking like a fool.

Looking back though, I kind of wonder. Would other folks feel like it was an invasion of space? What do you think? Is your hijab off limits?