Customer service that really rocks!

I could go on and on about horrible customer service. But today I really want to delve into experience with the best customer service. The kind that makes you so happy and smiley and giddy that you feel like you just won the lottery.

The first time it occurred to me that this was possible, was when I called up the company Melissa and Doug. They make all kinds of kids products and I had this toy for my daughter for about a year, when one day a piece of the wood just came off. It was as if the glue dried and it didn’t want to stick anymore.

I called the company just to see if it was a defect and the woman on the phone told me not to worry they were going to send me a brand new one.

Wow, seriously? I was not expecting it at all! If anything I was hoping to be helpful by letting them know the toy fell apart.

A few years later we had a folding wooden dollhouse and as my daughter was picking it up the dollhouse cracked on the hinge. When I called to tell Mellissa and Doug, e got the same amazing service and a new dollhouse came in the mail less than a few days later.

I was surprised yet again by another company just last week.

I have a CrockPot slow cooker and the handle on the lid spontaneously detached over a year ago, and I kept telling myself to check online and see if I could get a new lid. Well, I looked on the CrockPot website and it was sold out. So I called the 800 number to see if they had any in stock. Before I could even tell my story of how the handle came off, the CrockPot representative told me they were going to send me a brand new slow cooker. I was in shock. did I hear her correctly?

She even let me choose the color I wanted!

When these events happen, it makes my day so much brighter. It reminds me that there are still companies that know how to keep their customers happy and coming back.

And most important, it gives me the confidence that it never hurts to call and ask-you never know what you’ll get!

Have you had great experiences? What stores do you think have the best customer service?