Trendy Hijab in Trinidad

Nazera Abdul- Haqq is a 23 year old makeup artist from Trinidad.

We came across her Facebook Fanpage and were intrigued by the photos of her and other hijabis in Trinidad. The photos showcase some of the looks they put together for this past Eid Al Adha.

Nazera graciously agreed to answer a few of our questions, because we were really curious about life as a Muslim in the Caribbean.

How long have you been wearing hijab and what made you
decide to put it on?

I grew up into Islam so roughly, I’ve been wearing hijab ever since 12 years old. I never go anywhere without it and I will definitely say that it’s a part of me.

Is it hard to wear hijab in Trinidad? Are there many Muslims there?
No it’s not hard wearing hijab in Trinidad as it probably is in the States. Trinidad and Tobago is in all ways probably the most multicultured society! What may be difficult though for some Muslim women especially teenagers, is that they believe that they can’t wear the hijab and fit in at the same time. Trinidad has approximately 1.3 million people, but the majority are non Muslims. There is however a strong Muslim presence.

Can you share with us something unique about your country?
You should definitely visit Trinidad and Tobago. Trinidad is more for business but Tobago is the ultimate getaway! Here Hindus, Christians, Muslims, Baptists (you name it) live together learning from one another’s experiences. It’s a beautiful country with the most tasty dishes and amazing music and culture that you will ever encounter.