Whats your favorite face cream?

There are so many face creams on the market, but how do you decide which one you use?

Usually it depends a lot on genetics and the weather.

Some folks are gifted with beautiful skin year round, but others may suffer depending on the climate.

We have noticed that this winter our skin is dull and feels like it’s burning. The reason? Dry cold air outside and dry hot air inside the house.

One great tip is to constantly make sure you are replenishing your body with moisture whether by drinking water or applying some type of moisturizer.

Our favorite solution to the dry skin dilemma at the moment is Stanley Jacobs MD Skin Care.

We received the Visco-elastic transforming serum as a sample a few months ago and after realizing we were out of our usual cocoa butter solution.. decided to give it a go.


The results are amazing. In fact we got a lot of questions regarding the “glow” to our face. And no it’s not another pregnancy! :)

When the serum is applied it soaks into the skin immediately with no greasy residue.

And if you want to apply makeup on top it gives you a great base layer.

What is your favorite face cream? Do you have any special items you use only during cold/hot weather?