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It has been awhile since we’ve purchased a new set of makeup and we splurged on the starter kit for Bare Minerals. First we checked out Sephora and the “color expert” was way off so we headed to Macy’s and had a much better experience.

Bare Minerals has always been our favorite product, and we used it years ago, but were annoyed when the powder would spill everywhere. It was also laziness that kept us from purchasing more.

What’s great is that now the makeup jars have these little twist and lock lids so that the powder doesn’t escape.

We love that it can give you a natural glow and doesn’t have any chemicals in the product. And personally it helps our blemishes heal so much better.

This kit is definitely a keeper and we highly recommend it to anyone looking for a great product that will not give you skin issues.

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  1. Fatima

    hehe so recently I took makeup lessons at this fancy salon,apparently they all swear by mineral makeup,they refuse to use anything else,I liked mineral makeup eyeshadows very very much,but have to say that the foundation+powder that the lady recommended for me made my skin look ashy,I dont know if it works for everyone,it is great if u can find shades that will make you glow:),I have super sensitive lips though and I tried one of their lipsticks,I have to say they didnt dry out my lips like every other brand I have ever used,however it felt like clay ,not sure if I will purchase a lipstick,maybe with some clear gloss over it will give it a better look…

  2. afshi

    oh nice! thanks for the info! that will be my next makeup purchase, inshallah!

  3. Mariam Sobh

    I think I’ll do a quick video to show you .. or post pics.. bu basically there is a basic color to match your skin. and then there is a sort of a darker shade to give you a warm glow (optional to put on) and a colorless powder to keep the oily skin at bay (again optional to put on).
    I love the stuff.. I agree with LK it looks so natural.
    I think your skin would love it if you have sensitive skin.

  4. afshi

    hmm…i’m intrigued…my skin is super sensitive (vaseline and hydrocortisone creams are my two BFFs). Why are there so many jars? What are they all for? (oh yes, im clueless in makeup)

  5. LK

    I love this makeup, won’t use anything else. Mostly because I’m allergic to everything else LOL I just love how naturally it covers the face. You don’t even look like you are wearing any makeup at all!

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