Does this coat make my head look small?

We previously asked you if you prefer a puffer coat or a wool coat for the winter weather, and it seemed like it was split down the line.

The thing about puffer coats, is that they can make you look puffy in all the wrong places.

As we were out scouring coats the other day, we decided to pop into Old Navy and check out the puffer coat first hand.

Here is how we look:

Not sure we’re going to buy it, but we do love the fur trim on the hood and the length. The belt is a little flimsy and probably unneccessary. But a regular belt would look pretty chic in its place.

What do you think?

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  1. ummIbrahim

    argh I realized some of my keys are sticking so some words are way mis-spelled. LOL…I meant to say…layer a head abaya under a regular coat is very uncomfortable and even the sleeved kind dont look good with a regular coat plus it defeats the purpose of wearing a overhead abaya as then everything is closer to the body. Anyway, Ive been stuck laying up under the abaya and then throwing a wool poncho (lightweight, fall-ish sort) over…its warm but wont withstand true winter.

  2. ummIbrahim

    salaams Ive always preferred the long puffer coats…becuse they were just more suitable to the weather here in Pa than a wool coat and I could find them at Burlington for very long-I used to buy the ones that were calf length. Worked well. Anyway this year i’m actually making me own coat. LOL…Its a long wool poncho with 2 linings, the first is thin winter fleece and the layer against the skin is soft velour, it has a nice hood, I’m almost done. I’m making it because Ive switched from most shoulder abayaat to head abaya/modern chadors with sleeves and just its just to comfy wearing a head abaya with a regular sleeved coat, so Ive been laying under and throwing a wool poncho over that I bought in Saudi last year. I decided thou to just make myself a nice proper poncho for winter. Its really really hard to find cloaks or long ponchos in stores and when you do they are very, evry thin. It is a lot of work, but I don’t mind as I am making it lke how I want. I’ll prob post pics on my blog once its finished.

    So what did u decide to get?

  3. Noor

    It’s funny because tonight I purchased a white puff coat from WalMart. It’s sinched in at the waist and I liked that about it and it has the faux fur around the hoodie. You look cute and I agree that belt is a little flimsy.

  4. Natalie

    I like how it looks on you but you have to be the one to say if you are comfortable with it enough to buy it. Anyway, I do agree with Sherrykay. You can definitely get something similiar at Landsend. You can find there line at Sears but call ahead and find out if they do carry that line because not all of them do. 🙂

  5. sherrykay

    The longer coats like the one you have on look good; I’ve seen some that have smaller stitching around the waist to give it more shape and not so much the Michelin Man look. I myself don’t like the fake fur trim. Some of these coats allow you to at least remove the hood (or even just the trim) if you want. I think, however, there are much better quality coats at nearly the same price, like Land’s end, Gap, or even Nordstrom on sale.

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