Oct 252010

Dubai Fashion Week started yesterday (Sunday) and is running until Thursday October 28th.

It kicked off with designs by German/Egyptian designer Mona Faris. Although pictures aren’t up yet, we have a few sneak peek pictures:

Above: Pakistani supermodel Mehreen Syed

Above: Dar Waad Fashion designs

Below are some pictures from behind the scenes as they do a run through for “Emerging Talent”.
It is the competition portion of the show where one young designer will be recognized and receive an award.

We wish we could be there in person for the show, the lineup looks great and we can’t wait to see more photos. Don’t worry we’ll share them with you :).

  7 Responses to “Dubai Fashion Week 2010”

  1. Who’s we? I always wondered who you share this blog with…..

  2. We is us as in Hijabtrendz :) it’s just a style of writing 😀

  3. It’s the “Royal We” haha.

    I’m sorry, I know it’s the style, but that leopard print hijab is…um….wow. big! It looks like she was eaten by a leopard and is peering out of his mouth lol.

    And then the poor girl is wearing a white dress with a white chair behind her, at first I thought she had a bustle on.

    Anyhow, can’t wait to see pics of the looks!

  4. Wow, the model in the first pic looks gorgeous.

  5. Kelly you crack me up!

    Lupi I agree :)

  6. Haha Kelly! Her scarf does look a bit odd hehe. Thanks for the reply Mariam :o) keep rockn

  7. They just look so not enthusiastic to be at this show.
    Not a single smile in the group.

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