The Disney hijab controversy

I had a different post for today, but breaking news just had to trump it this time.

If you haven’t heard yet, apparently last week a Muslim woman in California decided to sue Disneyland for not allowing her to wear hijab to work.

Well I just read some news articles that stated how Disney came up with a form of hijab for her to wear that would still be in line with the costume that she wears at her job.

The woman is refusing to accept that as an option and says it’s embarrassing and she will not wear it.

This has left me extremely curious as to what this looks like and I found an image here.

Personally, I think if that is indeed what the outfit looks like, there is nothing wrong with it. I was actually quite shocked to see that Disney came up with an alternative.

If you have ever been to visit Disney you’ll have noticed that everyone that works there has to follow some sort of uniform or costume depending on what they are representing. Even people who work in restaurants are expected to dress according to the theme.

Now, I agree that she shouldn’t be reprimanded for wearing something because of her personal religious dress code. But as a hijabi myself, I think it’s pretty cool to have a company that is willing to give you an alternative that fits in with the costume and the definition of hijab all wrapped up in one (no pun intended lol).

As someone who is involved in the entertainment/media business, I know that it’s very hard to find roles and jobs in which you can wear hijab. Most people woudn’t even be creative enough to find a way to fit in your dress code and would basically never offer you a job.

What are your thoughts? Do you think she’s right not to accept the alternative hijab for her costume?

Here are some additional resources:

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