Leonisa shapewear

We recently received a sample of Leonisa Shapewear and finally had the time to stuff ourselves into it-literally.

In the past we’ve written about body shapers and how they can help you.

There are so many on the market, and when we were approached to give this one a try we jumped on the chance.

It is called the “wide straps mid-thigh compression shaper” and it’s great if you just had a baby or want to tone up your tummy and thighs in between working out.

The pros:

Totally stuffs you in. Makes you wonder, where did all that fat go?

Smooth fabric that disappears under clothing so no one can tell.

Immediately gives you better posture.

Makes you look like you lost a good 10-15 pounds instantly.

The cons:

The sizing is a little off. We wore a medium but would probably do better in a large. Then again, it is compression-wear and it’s supposed to be tight, so if you’re not used to it you may have to gradually increase the time you wear it until it’s comfortable.