Real hijab fashion from Maysaa

Today a brand new fashion line has been launched called Maysaa and it’s simply exquisite!

The designer, Hana Tajima-Simpson, has put forth real world high fashion at reasonable prices, and the best part is they are well-suited for every woman out there.

If you have been longing t find a long dress, skirt or even pants that are elegant and in-style, you have got to check out their website.

We are absolutely gushing with enthusiasm over this new line, because it’s unique and fashionable and all around hijabalicious!

Picture 8

Picture 12

Picture 11

Our favorite piece is a brand new hijab style that she invented. We love it!

Picture 9

What are your thoughts? Will you be ordering?

Note: If you follow the company on facebook/twitter you can get exclusive discount codes.