Dress up your water

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If you ever get bored of your water you can find ways to “dress it up” :

  • frozen fruits for a cold treat and a hint of flavor
  • drops of lemon or lime juice to add a touch of zing

We love those tried and true tricks, but sometimes you need a little something else. Maybe it’s just us, but sometimes you want a little bit of sweetness to help you wash down a spicy dinner.

Natur'e Splash drink mix

Natur'e Splash drink mix

A friend of ours recommended Nature’s Splash to us and we fell in love. It comes in a variety of flavors and we bought it dirt cheap on Amazon. All you do is empty the packet into a glass, mix and enjoy. You can also stash it in your purse if you’re on the go and mix it with your bottled water.

Bonus: The color of the product is made with the natural coloring from fruits and vegetables!