Apr 282010
You can pull off a cropped jacket if you pair it with a longer top and a long flowing skirt.
We added a nice charcoal colored scarf to pick up the color off the skirt, punched up the color with bright patent yellow shoes, and a touch of sass with a purple clutch.
Hijab style file: How to wear a cropped jacket

Clockwise from top left): Black long sleeve crew neck $11.00 Dorothy Perkins,  Indigo Denim Crop Jacket $80 Top Shop,  Grey maxi skirt $70 Debenhams, Scarf $46 StyleCompare, Yellow flats $54.00 All About You, Purple Clutch $34.00 John Lewis.

  8 Responses to “Hijab Style File: How to wear a cropped jacket”

  1. Wore something similiar to this, this morning for my doctor’s appt. Nice!! :-)

  2. Wow, these things are sort of expensive. Can you try to post things that most people would be willing to buy? I’m just saying that most people wouldn’t buy a skirt for $70.

  3. Natalie great minds think alike :)

    Tammy, these are to inspire you with ideas next time you’re out shopping.

    However, we do try our best to put items that are not going to be in the 100’s of dollars.

    I do think thought that some people would buy a long skirt for $70 if it was high quality and of a nice length. Long skirts are very hard to come by.:D

  4. i love the yellow and purple combo. great idea!

  5. I like the outfit- especially the skirt with the flats. Caution: if you have a booty this isn’t going to work. :(

  6. haha carib is so right that’s exactly what I was thinking about the booty problem :)

  7. Carib and Lailah I see what you mean regarding the bootay :) I would suggest layering with a top that’s long enough and loose enough to go over the bootay. If it’s not too clingy you can still pull the look off. 😀

  8. I know this sounds funny but… I think I’d look sexy in this style lol… somehow this style will let your eyes focus on the waist and butt.. maybe i’d try to tone it down by wearing a shirt that is the same color as the skirt..

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