Hijabtrendz Review: Smartcover Makeup

hijabtrendz review

If you haven’t heard of Smart Cover, we’ll give you the 411.

The makeup is used by lots of celebrities as well as everyday women who are looking for coverage that will make them feel confident in their skin.

If you have birthmarks, scars. blemishes or other things that make you feel self-conscious–this makeup helps you achieve something you wont find anywhere else: great coverage.

You can apply it not only to your face, but your body as well, and it’s waterproof.

We gave the makeup a try after the company sent us some samples and the only thing that we find tricky is matching your exact shade. If only they had the product available in stores so you could really figure out what shade suits you best.

If you’re worried about the makeup and the fact that it’s waterproof, all you need is soap and water and it literally rinses off. No tugging and rubbing necessary.

The makeup is great, but we would probably only wear it to a major function or TV appearance.

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