Hijab Fashion Fix: Amanda Wakeley’s Celebrity Fashions

Celebrities have been wearing Amanda Wakeley’s creations lately and now we know why!

These are really fancy so would be perfect for a big event, mixed wedding, or any other celebration although you may have to do some tweaking. What we love is the long flowy fabric which makes the tweaking a lot easier.

(images provided by Amanda Wakeley for Hijabtrendz)

Beyonce in Gold Contour Beaded Tunic

hayden panettiere amanda-wakeleythumb2

Hayden Panettiere in Long Drape Sating Gown

zoe saldanathumb3

Zoe Saldana in Long Ombre Chiffon Dress

This is just a sampling, you can find more long dresses here.

Do you like any of these styles?