Hijab Fashion Fix: Amanda Wakeley’s Celebrity Fashions

Celebrities have been wearing Amanda Wakeley’s creations lately and now we know why!

These are really fancy so would be perfect for a big event, mixed wedding, or any other celebration although you may have to do some tweaking. What we love is the long flowy fabric which makes the tweaking a lot easier.

(images provided by Amanda Wakeley for Hijabtrendz)

Beyonce in Gold Contour Beaded Tunic

hayden panettiere amanda-wakeleythumb2

Hayden Panettiere in Long Drape Sating Gown

zoe saldanathumb3

Zoe Saldana in Long Ombre Chiffon Dress

This is just a sampling, you can find more long dresses here.

Do you like any of these styles?

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  1. Natalie

    Hello Mariam, I like the long coutoured sleeved dress in green on the last page but of course, like you say it will need tweaking.

  2. Zeena

    Why can’t they make these long sleeve? :(

  3. caraboska

    We approve 😀

  4. Mariam Sobh

    Natalie and Zeena I wish these were long sleeved.. maybe if we write to her she may make some? :)

    Caraboska glad you like it! :)

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