Mar 182010

Watch this mesmersizing slideshow of McQueen’s last fashion shoot. Thanks to Hijabtrendz reader Molly for the tip!

We think it’s quite interesting, what are your thoughts? Is the head gear a symbol relating to Muslim women and hijab?

  3 Responses to “Hijab fashion inspiration from the late Alexander McQueen”

  1. I don’t think so…but some of the clothing could be hijab friendly.

  2. Umm… it’s so outlandish that this is doubtful. I mean really. A mohawk? And no neck coverage? Most if not all of the items could be hijabified though. I like no. 7 the best.

  3. Well I didn’t mean specifically hijab per se.. but that there might be a hint of influence :) I’m sure he came across many a hijabi during his lifetime that there had to be something there right? :)

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