Mar 122010

The hijab style tutorial we are showcasing in the video shows two different hijab styles using a scarf from Bellissima Scarves a company based in the UK. The hijab is a great light weigh fabric and perfect for wrapping. The hijab is nice and thin and you almost feel like you’re not wearing anything which is great for the upcoming warm weather.

Enjoy the hijab style tutorial!

  5 Responses to “Hijab Style Tutorial featuring Bellissima”

  1. Thank you Mariam,

    I love all you video tutorials and I’m really happy that you showcased Bellissima Scarves tips. Both styles are quite simple yet elegant. Whenever anyone see me (especially at events where I have Bellissima Scarves stalls) they always inquire on how do I wear my scarf. Now with your video, more and more people will know those simple tricks for the elegant look they desire.

    By the way, you say that we are a small company based in the UK. True. However, we do also ship worldwide too 😉

    May Allah reward you for all the good work you are doing with Hijabtrendz.


  2. Thanks Mariam for the tip.i.e Part 1. Lately for some reason, I’ve been having trouble wrapping the shayla style scarves..Im always looking for new ways in how to style my hijab. I will definitely use part 1 in how to style the bellisma scaves. Thanks a lot 8D

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  4. they are so lovely.i like the eight and nineth.
    i hope to win xD

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