Hijab Style Trends 2010: Hijab fashion inspired by the Oscars

We’re going to see more and more hijab fashion inspired by the looks on the red carpet and the Oscars are a great way to usher in Spring!

Hijab style trends of spring and summer 2010 are going to be filled with these top five looks that we got a preview of last night:

  1. Jewel tones.
  2. Ombre prints.
  3. Watercolor and floral patterns.
  4. Jeweled accessories (brooches, hijab pins, extra beading that you can place anywhere to add a little bling).
  5. Lots of purple in all shades from pastel to dark purple.

What are you favorite looks from the red carpet?

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  1. Mariam Sobh

    I think I know what you’re talking about Kelly, but I don’t know just how nice long sleeve tops look under straps, especially if it’s a fancy gown. Well hmm maybe there is a really nice satiny one that wouldn’t look too bad?

  2. kelly

    there are also the carina tops (isn’t that the name?) from egypt that you could put under spaghetti strap etc tops.

  3. Mariam Sobh

    I would suggest trying to find a dress that inspired you and picking out your favorite parts of the dress that you liked, then look for something similar that you can incorporate into your own unique design. Maybe you’ll find a beautiful abaya in the same color as Sandra Bullock’s dress and then adding your own beadwork.
    If you find a gown you like but it’s sleevless or short sleeve, try to find a tailor that can add sleeves or make a jacket to go with it.
    Anyone else have tricks they use to hijabify things?

  4. mariam

    Sandra Bullock had a perfect look. i have a question , how we can make oscar trends hijabi ? for use in a ceremony that man and women are not seprated?thank you.

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