Hijab Fashion Fix: Azuri wrap scarves on sale


Azuri scarves are on sale right now at Billion Dollar Babes.

If you’re not a member shoot us an email and we’ll invite you.

The scarves are normally priced at $150.00 and you can snag one for $16.00-$20.00!


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  1. Mariam Sobh

    Kubra you’re right! 🙂 Cool huh?

  2. Mariam Sobh

    Ohh thanks for the tip Afshi! I heart Old Navy dresses! 🙂 Actually I’m about to order some stuff for my daughter.. I ‘ll have to take a peek at the women’s stuff now hehe.

  3. kubra

    I love dis scarves! It can be put on very different types and Its so usefull too. And also very nice to put on as a head scarf!

  4. afshi

    also..Old Navy has a great sale on maxi dress, long skirts and scarves! I just bought myself a dress and 2 skirts (as if i needed them…lol…but a great deal!)

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