Mar 042010

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Hijabtrendz readers we have a lovely tunic to giveaway courtesy of Lady Muslima:

Tie Tunic - Ivory

All you have to do is leave a comment below and tell us what city you’re from and we’ll randomly draw the winner.

This is a short contest and you have until next Saturday March 13th at midnight Central time to enter.

Good luck!

  130 Responses to “Hijabtrendz Giveaway: Lady Muslima Tunic”

  1. What a beautiful blouse. I like how versatile it can be.. Paired with dark jeans and dark hijab for a casual, stylish look or dressy flared trousers and dark sparkly hijab for a more formal look. Either way it’s worn would be gorgeous! I live in Los Angeles, California.

  2. Very nice,I live in NJ.

  3. Chapel Hill, NC

  4. Salaam from Providence, RI! What a beautiful tunic, mA.

  5. Salam,
    M/A that’s a beautiful top, I live in Brooklyn, NY…..:)

  6. Available in big muslimah sizes, I hope? 😉 From Moab, Utah.

  7. i am muslim and want to follow the islamic rules at the same time want to have a stylish look. its an awesome piece of beaty. thank you

  8. Salam, What a beautiful blouse. I live in Detroit, Michigan

  9. Sterling, Va

  10. woops! didn’t see that it was last year march!

  11. Simple. Malaysia

  12. Am From Romania , city Suceava :)

  13. Salam, I’m from Maldives. I like this site, it is very interesting.

  14. This is so chiq and elegant. Perfect to dress up or down :)
    Thunder Bay, ON Canada

  15. simple tunic. I live in Indonesia

  16. I’m from Folsom,CA.

  17. Love the tunic! I am from Milwaukee, WI.

  18. hi may muslims friend………sorry i can’t speak english………i’m from iran………..the tunic is very ugly!!!!!!!

  19. Medenine (Tunisia)

  20. Asalaam Aleikum, I live in St Louis!

  21. I am from Stamford, CT. Thank you

  22. Salam,
    That is a very good fashion style, if you use bright colors insha Allah will look more attractive.

  23. thank u my moslem friend 4 u’re attempt but i think there are more beautifull tonics than this one.sara from iran

  24. Assalamulaikum sister… My name is Afroza Parbin, I love your website and will be honored if I could receive such a wonderful gift. I live in New York, USA

  25. Waterford, nj

  26. Salam!
    I just found your site accidentally, and I’m really glad of my discover:)
    I’m a teenage hijabi girl and I am always seeking for such attractive helpful muslim sites.
    will be back again and follow you inshaallah.

  27. Super cute!! New muslima from Sacramento, CA!!!

  28. That tunic is so lady-like and perfect for the office or jeans on the weekend. Did I mention I’ve been looking for one that can tie a bow at the neck. – Ciara from Fredericksburg VA.

  29. Im muslim and i live in vancouver surrey

  30. joliet, il.

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