Dec 242009

We wanted to let you all know that Hijabtrendz has been working hard to make sure our online hijab directory is up and running.

There are over 60 companies listed and they are organized based on what country they’re from.

Keep in mind that many of these sites ship internationally so make sure to check out the hijab directory!

***don’t forget to enter to win a $100 shopping spree just for Hijabtrendz readers!***

  3 Responses to “The new hijab directory”

  1. Salams,
    Thanks for this great guide. I always get questions on where to “online shop” so this will be very helpful. A couple of sites that I love, and you did not include are and Both these sites have modest, but still stylish options. Also, another site which isn’t really for hijab (scarves) but works great for hijabis is It has long, slit-less denim skirts that are very cute! Thanks again!

  2. Thanks for the Directory, always good to have the list handy in case of shopping :)

  3. Jazmine thanks for pointing out those sites. I thought I had the first two listed but apparently they got left out.. :)

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