Dec 182009

Finding your spouse at the Islamic convention does it work?

Listen to the podcast above for that and more on Season 4 episode 4 of Hijabtrendz On-Air.

  9 Responses to “Hijab Fashion Podcast: Meet your man at the bazaar and how to organize your hijab”

  1. Just wanted to say, you made my day and made me laugh :)

  2. i have three things to organize my hijabs

    one is a hanger from ikea i use to hang my pashminas / shaylas

    the second also from ikea is some round bins that are collapsible for al amiras, underscarves, bandanas, and arm covers

    the third is a big sterilite bin for square scarves. I just chuck them in.

    for the most part I’m pretty lucky that most of them don’t get wrinkly, but there are a few that do and I rarely wear them anymore because I hate ironing lol.

  3. Lol I know it’s kinda a serious topic but it’s funny too. If only I could meet my man at the
    bazar but it’s usually a bunch of weirdo stalkers haha.

  4. I’m guilty! I sometimes am too tired to take off my hijab at night, so I do end up sleeping in it :)

  5. why cant i get those videos to work for me? any one else having problems?

  6. i got it to work :)

  7. Seleena glad to see you got it to work :) I started to worry that maybe I didn’t upload it properly hehe.

  8. Caraboska.. did I see your picture on the web recently modeling hijab? I can’t remember where but I was going to ask you lol.

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