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Hijabtrendz Exclusive

We recently had a quick Q&A with the gals behind the fashion line KANZI which was recently featured at Dubai Fashion Week.

Who are the designer/designers behind Kanzi?

Shk Amal Mana Rashid Al Maktoum & Mrs. Raghda Taryam<

What does the name Kanzi mean and why did you choose it?

Kanzi’s literal meaning is ‘my treasure’ in Arabic. It was selected to represent the brand ethos of Kanzi; ‘treasured luxury’.

What is the story behind the clothing line? Who is the woman in mind?

The Kanzi brand was established in 2008 designing exclusive abayas, jalabiyas, evening wear and custom made wedding dresses. The label was created to provide high quality products for Arab and Muslim women, whilst the evening and wedding wear is for any woman looking for a treasured item of clothing that will last.

How did the line start?
Raghda was the inspirational brains behind Kanzi.  We then had sat down together and mapped our ideas so it was properly formulated, developed a business plan and then took it to Ruwad, a government entity that supports young businesses in the emirate of Sharjah. Since then the label has gained rapid momentum.

Where is it available?
Kanzi boutique – University City Road, Sharjah, Saks 5th Avenue Dubai & Bahrain

Is this your first year showing it at Dubai Fashion Week?

Yes. Dubai Fashion Week is a fantastic forum through which we can showcase our designs to an international crowd, whilst also highlighting local Emirati talent. We hope that through our affiliation with Dubai Fashion Week we will increase Kanzi’s exposure.

What would you say was your inspiration for the new collection?

During the summer months both Raghda and I spent several months traveling aboard. Our travels allowed us to spend time researching material available in different markets, observe local and international fashion, jewelry and color trends, which were then incorporated in to our designers with a unique Kanzi twist

Much of the material seen in our collection this season such as feathers, frills, tassels, and crystals were also selected whilst on our travels. In addition, the fabrics used; chiffons, organza, and pure silk and were bought from Italy, France and London.

Overall our collection was theme around the concept of ‘fairytales’, comprised of abayas, jalabiyas and evening wear. Our collection has been designed to emphases the beauty of elegantly clad women with a strong focus on immaculate tailoring, whimsical shapes, stunning beading and embroidery. All of our garments are lovingly and painstakingly handcrafted and we hope the women who wear Kanzi this season will feel like cherished gems.

Do you think it’s attainable for Muslim women to be fashionable? What is your advice to them if they want to dress more elegantly but aren’t sure where to start?

Muslim and Arab women have always had a great sense of fashion, developing and adapting the styles of international designers to suit their tastes. Whilst Muslim women are more conservative in their outlook towards clothing, there is still a great deal of detailing and art that goes in to their look. If you look aboard, International designers are increasingly designing abayas and evening wear for Muslim women such as Christian Dior, Nina Ricci, Blue Marine and Alberta Fretti.

Our advice to women looking to dress more elegantly is to keep it simple, and always wear an outfit you feel comfortable in.

Our motto when designing for Kanzi is to keep in mind women who demand fashionable comfort, luxury and quality.

How can we get your products? Are they custom made or available for order? Do you ship worldwide?

Our collection is available in the Kanzi Boutique, Sharjah. The clothing available in our boutique are custom made to the measurements of the customers to ensure the perfect fit. We are able to ship worldwide granted the client sends to us the accurate measurements.

Kanzi also stocks an exclusive collection in SAKS Fifth Avenue Dubai & Bahrain.

  • Website: www.kanziboutique.com
  • Email: info@kanziboutique.com
  • Tel : + 9716 5441118
  • Fax: 06-5441119
  • P.O.Box 44333 Sharjah , U.A.E
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