Hijab Style File: Burqa sunglasses from the UAE

Have you heard of these sunglasses yet?

Everyone’s talking about them. They’re called BQ which is short for “Burqa”.

Burqa Sunglasses

Want to know how you can try a pair just like we did in the photo above?

Come back tomorrow and we’ll give you the 411 about the sunglasses and why the man behind them decided that Emirati culture should not be forgotten.

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  1. sera

    ok i am trippin, because that looks like a photoshop like pic do you know what i mean, do you actually have a pair of sunglasses on your face or is that a picture of you with another picture of sunglasses put on your face???

  2. Mariam Sobh

    Sera I will give the details tomorrow :) hehe

  3. Zeynub

    I can’t wait till tomorrow!

  4. George

    Photoshopped or not – those glasses look fierce!

  5. ma'ruf

    ow! i’d like to try it!

  6. as'if

    wat is the price for this and where can i find it

  7. yasmin

    is that you?? cute!! Actually this is quite an old style isnt it?? They sold this type on TV way back then (about more than 5 years back). But that was suppose to be for rough outdoor activity sunglasses.

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