Dec 032009

FYI (link is now fixed)

Here is another one of those articles that attempts to tackle the whole hijab issue and why Muslim women wear it.

It appeared in the Fresno City College paper yesterday and is titled, “Beyond the Veil”.

Is it just us or does every college paper eventually have to publish an article that explores those mysterious hijabis on campus? :)

At least they’re trying to learn more and inform students. Our only pet peeve is that Muslim women always have to sound so “exotic”.

What do you think?

  4 Responses to “Hijab in the news: Muslim women in Fresno”

  1. can’t seem to get to the article it is coming up as an error…

  2. It’s funny, the article I wrote about hijab was also called “Beyond the Veil.” SO cliche. :)

  3. LOL yeah I guess we keep trying to move beyond it, but it ain’t happening! :)

  4. hahahhaa, yes you are right…it’s de rigeur for every college paper in this country to at some point publish an article about the muhajabat roaming around campus. I remember when my Uni published theres…it was maybe 3-4 months after 9/11 the first time and then maybe 4 yrs back they did another.

    LOL, they *are* useful because they helped to “humanize” us, otherwise we would just be the scarf head sitting in huge auditorium with 200 other students. But,as the PP said…they just keep repeating the same thing over and over again in every article.

    ah well.

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