Eid Al Adha 2009: Gift ideas

We love holidays just as much as anyone else, but sometimes it can get a little crazy when you’re trying to figure out gifts for everyone.

We’ve put together a small list of basics to help you get your creative minds flowing:

For mom:
How about putting together a special gift basket? You can pick up mini sample items (shampoo, lotion, bubbles, etc.) from places like Walgreens if you’re on a budget and put them all together in a gift bag. Or you can splurge and head to Bath and Body Works and buy a ready made gift set.

For dad:
Shopping for men is always a conundrum, because it seems most holidays have tons of options for women. Find a nice cologne that you think your dad will like, if you know that’s a tricky gift to give because he’s particular about his perfume, then give him a gift card for Best Buy, Borders or any other place you know he wouldn’t mind shopping around.

For friends:
If you have a few close friends you want to get a gift for, try to do something meningful. You could invite them all over for a home cooked meal instead of running around trying to find a gift. Or you could make them a homemade gift by getting some items from the craft store and making them a handmade necklace. There are tons of

For spouse:
Have an item engraved with a meaningful message that will always be there as a reminder whenever they look at our gift.

For kids:
Take them all out on Eid to a special place, if you have an indoor amusement park or playground. Gifts don’t have to be material things, they can be something that will become a memory. So take lots of pictures and put them in a photo album so you can always look back and smile at the great times you had!

For co-workers:
If you want to bring the Eid spirit to work then bring in some homemade baked goods and share with your co-workers.

We know you readers probably have some cool ideas for gifts, so share what you’re going to giving this year or if you’re going to skip the gift giving and do something else?