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We wanted to share the wonderful news with you all.

Little Layla Aisha was born earlier this morning at 3:29 to be exact! :)

She joins big sister Sarah Hajar and proud parents Mariam and Abdullah.

We apologize for no post today, but we’re sure you understand that giving birth does happen to trump it for today lol.

Inshallah regularly scheduled posts will be back online starting tomorrow.

In the meantime you can read other posts by going to the bottom of the screen and clickin on the archives or categories tab.

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  1. zainab

    Awwwww congratulationsss!! Glad to be the first to congratulate you. Inshallah you are well. What a beautiful name you chose for your baby. I love the name Layla!

  2. caraboska

    Masha’Allah to Layla Aisha for her entrance into this world, and to Mariam, Abdullah and Sarah! Welcome to this world, Layla!

  3. Ayanna

    Awww, Masah’Allah. Congrats!!!

  4. Kelly

    Mabrook! May Allah swt bless your family and this beautiful baby (mashaAllah) every day with health, joy, and love. Ameen.

  5. afshi

    Mashallah Congratulations!!!!!! Love the name! May the new baby add more noor to your beautiful family.

  6. Fatin

    Congratulation, I love the name may Allah make her a good Muslimah.

  7. vala

    mashallah congratulations…..

  8. Mimie

    Salaam Sister,

    Congratulations! Get plenty of rest. I do hope you have help around you. May Allah SWT make her a source of pride and joy to the ummah, dutiful child to you and your husband and be united with you in jannatul firdaus, ameen.

  9. DINA

    Wishing you ever wonderful thing a new little baby can possibly bring

  10. Hina

    Congratulations, Mariam!! What a beautiful name, can’t wait to see pics!

  11. Donna

    Awwwww Congratulation Mariam to you and your family

  12. Jodi

    Bring on the Mughlee! :) Congratulations Mariam, Abdullah, Sarah and family! Allah has blessed your eyes and your life with another beautiful daughter. May she always walk the right path and bring much love to her family. We are here for you Mariam as we adore your precious family.

  13. Eloquence

    awwwww congrats inshallah she grows up to be a beautiful girl and an obediant daughter

  14. Mariam Sobh

    Thank you all so much for your comments :)
    I’m trying to get back on track, but I’m still preoccupied with alot of things :)

  15. ummu fathima

    congratulations….may Allah give you an easy recovery and good health to you and your new one…i love the names of ur kids,maasha Allah.

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