Dubai Fashion Week 2009: Miss Elegant featuring Amber Feroze

(Note: Images and text provided exclusively by Dubai Fashion Week for and used with permission)

Local boutique Miss Elegant, best known for its luxury and high-end designer abayas has tied up with avant garde designer Amber Feroz to create a collection for Spring/Summer 2010 featuring experimental yet wearable abayas and dresses for every occasion.

Dubai Fashion Week 2009

Fine, flawless black silks with delicate ornamentation were draped, layered, twisted, knotted and wrapped to create abayas that were free-flowing, elaborate in their silhouettes and extraordinarily feminine and graceful in their appeal.

Dubai Fashion Week 2009

Feroz also presented slip-on dresses for the Miss Elegant show. The dresses in monochromes and asymmetrical designs were inspired by the Himba culture from Namibia. The soft and light silks were draped in an unmethodical, but artistic and interesting manner.

Dubai Fashion Week 2009

Combining complex drapes, layers and ruffles, the dresses also used key elements from Himban culture that made appearances in the form of subtle leather details decorated with colored crystals and beads, small leather bows and narrow pipes increasing the novelty factor of the outfits.

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