Dubai Fashion Week 2009: KANZI

(Note: Images and text provided exclusively by Dubai Fashion Week for and used with permission)


Kanzi’s Spring/Summer 2010 collection of abayas and maxi-dresses was inspired by the theme “Fairy Tales.” Sure enough, the showing of more than 45 abayas and gowns was fit for a princess’ wardrobe.

Established in 2006 by Sheikha Amal Al Maktoum and Raghda Taryam the label is well-known in the region for its high-end abayas, jalabiyas, evening wear and custom-made wedding gowns. As with previous Kanzi collections, the showing at the Dubai Fashion Week was appreciated for its style and luxury, by a full house.


Gusts of smoke set the tone for a mystical presentation featuring models dressed in the label’s abayas. Made from exquisite and flawless black silk, the abayas used the fabric liberally to work it into luxurious folds and drapes – across the back, over the shoulders and around the arms. They stood out on account of their imagination and for bringing in magical touches reminiscent of togas and saris and also using tassels, glitter, floral elements, ruffles, leggings, flare trousers, poncho sleeves and complementary colors in a manner that was innovative and enhanced the garments’ appeal. Complementary head scarves and head bands with prominent details from the abayas they accompanied were the perfect finishing touches to an impeccable collection.


Kanzi’s evening wear comprised more than 10 gorgeous maxi-dresses in pretty pastel colors that will usher in the Spring season. Bejeweled shoulder straps, borders and bodices accentuated gowns that used satins and chiffons generously prompting the models to twirl and expose the full volume of the skirts.