Pink Hijab Day is around the corner

FYI if you want to know how Pink Hijab Day started then check out the interview we did last year with the woman behind it!

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  1. omar hamed

    StyleIn!’ is another exciting platform created by Silk Route Clothing inviting style conscious Egyptians a chance to show how you fuse the wearing of the Hijabs with all its vibrant colours, designs and combinations into your experiences of the Urban Egyptian city life. The winning prize for the best urban city look, chosen by a combination of a select panellist and a public vote, will win 10,000LE.

  2. Mariam Sobh

    Zainab.. it’s a very light sheer pink scarf. I love it cause it’s really long and has a little stretch. I wish I kept the tag on it cause I have no idea who made it lol. I found it on sale at Bloomingdales last year.

  3. zainab

    i love the scarf too! the contrast with the black is superb…i have to find me a shade like that!

  4. Mariam Sobh

    Zainab have a safe trip!

    Fatima.. that’s one of my fav. scarves hehe.

  5. Fatima

    hehe I love the way you did ur hijab in this video!-nice!

  6. zainab

    haha love the starter music! I will be rockin’ my pink hijab that day at the airport as i will be traveling 🙂

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