Pink Hijab Day 2009

We’ve previously posted articles about Pink Hijab Day including an exclusive interview with the founder of Pink Hijab Day.

And it’s that time of year again, October, which signifies Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

If you haven’t noticed, Hijabtrendz is sporting a pink ribbon on the header of the website for the entire month.

pink hijab day


Global Pink Hijab Day this year is set for Wednesday October 28th 2009. On this day women around the world will wear pink hijabs to signify their support of this cause.

To learn more about it you can join the official Pink Hijab Day on Facebook or follow them on twitter.

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  1. hipnotis surabaya

    I love pink and I Love use HIJAB…
    Allah bessing u

  2. Zeena

    What a great idea! Sadly my friends mom was diagnosed with breast cancer and even though she is not Muslim i think she would appreciate seeing the support from Muslim women.

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