Hijab Fashion Fix: Finding a sweater on any budget

Fall sweaters are so beautiful this year and they come in so many different styles.

The one question is how much are you willing to spend?

If you’re like us, then you probably want a bargain, but you don’t want to sacrifice too much quality.

We pulled a few different styles off the shelf and now you can find something that looks good and fits well within what you’re looking to spend.


Cape sweater $44.99, Ribbed babydoll sweater $24.99, Cropped sweater swing coat $20.00, Turtleneck tunic sweater $49.00, Oversized sweater tunic $21.99, Balloon sleeve sweater $21.99

Tip: A lot of stores are having sweater sales to get you ready for Fall. Old Navy has the sweater event, Victoria’s Secreat is having the big sweater sale