Hijabtrendz Q&A: Smooth skin routine step 3

This is the final installment of the smooth skin series :)

We covered the basic preparation for smooth skin for step 1, and then hair removal techniques for step 2, now we move on to *drum roll please*

Step 3: The final touch

After you’ve completed the first two steps you need to make sure to keep your skin glowing. How do you do that?

By assessing your skin type and finding the appropriate products that correspond with it.

Generally speaking, all you need is a good quality moisturizer that you can use all over your body.

Once you’ve gotten rid of that dead skin by exfoliating, smoothed out the rest of your body by hair removal, you’re ready to give it that extra glossy sheen.

The best way to incorporate it all is by taking a bath/shower after you’ve done the first 2 steps and letting your pores open up in the moist heat.

Immediately after you get out of the shower apply baby oil to your body or if you prefer a cream moisturizer go for it.

If you just shaved, you may want to consider using something like Bikini Zone to prevent any flare ups or ingrown hairs particularly in the bikini area.

Don’t forget your feet! Apply the moisturizer and then put on a thick pair of socks to help it soak in. If your feet are really rough even after exfoliating then use something like Bag Balm.

You should feel refreshed already. But it doesn’t stop here! The key is maintaining it. So every evening before you go to bed, make sure to lotion it up. You’d be surprised how much better you feel.