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Is anybody out there jumping to read the new Dan Brown novel, as my many e-mails from Barnes and Noble and Borders seem to suggest?

I caught the end of an interview with Brown the other day, and he admittedly picks interesting subjects. This time around it’s the Freemasons, who have a long, complicated history and have spewed dozens of conspiracy theories.

I think I’m over the whole Brown phenomenon, though.

I was one of the millions who read The DaVinci Code when it came out.

In fact, my friends and I had a “DaVinci Day” a few summers ago, because we’re nerds like that. We went to the DaVinci exhibit at the Museum of Science and Industry, discussed the book over lunch and then saw the movie in the evening.

I was so fascinated by symbology that I did pick up Angels and Demons after reading The DaVinci Code.

However, I didn’t watch that movie because the first one bored me out of my mind.

Plus, the book is definitely a page-turner and full of suspense, but it’s not exactly sophisticated literature.

So how about you guys? Will you read it?

I’m saying this now, but I’ll probably pick up The Lost Symbol as soon as everyone starts talking about it. I can’t resist not knowing what everyone else is discussing. And of course, I won’t be able to put it down.

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  1. Nadia Malik

    Mariam, how can you say soda and be from the Midwest?? Haha
    That’s so cool that Ron Howard bought her artwork! What kind of art does she do?
    Jodi, that book review sounds interesting. It’s very easy to fall into his writing, and it is intriguing stuff. And since I wrote this, I totally want to pick up the new book now.

    It’s always going to be pop to me, I think. It was funny when my cousins from New York were here, and I asked if they wanted pop. They were so confused!

  2. Jodi

    I read the Da Vinci Code but didn’t read Angels & Demons…yet (I actually have the book starring at me from my bookshelf lol). Most people don’t realize that Angels and Demons is the first book! I’ve seen the first film also and when the 2nd one comes out on Neflix I’m sure I’ll request it. I happen to like Tom Hanks! 🙂 I sort of lost interest also but it did bring up a lot of questions at the time. I attended a book review of the Code after it was published. I was trying to see what people thought…who believed it was real and so forth. I also saw a lot of video clips on Dan Brown and how he believed what he wrote…hmmmm. So it was good while it lasted. It sort of died down for me after that.

    I say soda but when I lived parts of the south it’s ranged from soda, pop, sodie pop and just plain cola! 🙂

  3. Mariam Sobh

    Why would’t people understand the reference? lol is it because some folks say soda and some say pop? I actually say soda for the record hehe.
    And I love the Da Vinci Day idea so cool… I love doing theme things because you can really get into the whole topic. I must confess I’m behind when it comes to reading.. so I’ll try to catch up one of these days with Angels and Demons. I did see the movie for DaVinci Code and it was ok but not like the book of course. FYI the director of the movie Ron Howard purchased some of my grandmothers artwork.. had to throw that in there Nadia cause I know I keep mentioning my celebrity ties hehehe 🙂

  4. Nadia

    Like I said, we’re nerds. Haha
    Hey Mariam I just realized no one outside the Midwest will understand the bottle caps in reference to pop in the banner! 🙂

  5. sally

    Da Vinci day? LOOOL..

  6. Zeena

    I was into the first book but never read
    the others I kinda forgot about them lol.

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