We shouldn’t judge others but we do

There seems to be a problem within the Muslim community and that is the issue of giving advice or as some refer to it “naseeha”. For some reason there are those who feel that it is their duty and responsibility to point out everything that is wrong about someone without getting to know them first.

Unfortunately, this problem has caused many people to distance themselves from other Muslims and even creates a lot of resentment. I’ve seen it firsthand within my own family and friends and at times I’ve felt alienated myself.

I don’t want to go on a rant and put you in a negative mood, but I want to give some time for us all to reflect.

Why are we as women so catty with one another? Why is there so much jealousy between us? Why can’t we be happy for each other and each person’s success? Instead it seems many of us thrive on the drama of scandal and pointing out how other people are worse than us.

“Can you believe she took her hijab off?”

“I heard she was engaged 3 times!”

“I don’t know why she bothers wearing hijab, her pants are so tight!”

I’ll admit I have been one of those that criticized other people’s form of hijab when gossiping among friends, and it took me a few years to recognize that I felt that way because of a kind of jealousy deep down. There was this awe that these women did whatever they wanted and I was “following the rules” and it just didn’t seem fair. Because after all, here I was struggling to find my place and they just slid right into society without batting an eye.

But as I grew older and took the time to get to know people, I understood that everyone has a story behind their life.

People are in different phases and each person has a different understanding for what their purpose in life is.

Have any of you felt like this or am I alone in my thoughts? :)