Aug 132009

We’ve written about New York & Company’s great items and this skirt was one of them, but we wanted to alert you that it’s only $9.98!

So get it while the color selection is still decent. The site also has a promotion with $6.00 shipping for a limited time.

NYC and company maxi skirt

They also have this peasant skirt on sale for $17.98

peasant skirt

Other retailers with skirts on sale for under $20.00 include:

Charlotte Russe

skirt from Charlotte Russe

Style & Co.

Style and co skirt


skirt from Target


dip dye skirt from Macy's

Note: Because these are sale items the sizing may be limited, and they could even be sold out although at the time of this posting there are still skirts available at these links.

  5 Responses to “The Savvy Hijabi: skirt sales”

  1. The skirt from NY and Co was actually only 5 bucks in the store a while ago…they might still have them! Just a warning though- they are really wide! I got an XS and I am still drowning in it!!

  2. $5!!! I’m gonna have to head there and get one, hopefully they’re still in stock!!

  3. man!! i ALWAYS miss the skirt sales!!! lol! i cant shop for 3 weeks, and by then they will be gone for sure!
    great finds tho mariam!!!

  4. those looks super cute Mariam

  5. Salam :) I wear skirts all the time! Aren’t they lovely??? I’m gonna hunt for a baby blue one now! yay!

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