Ready for Ramadan?

Behind the Screen

It’s just around the corner and I can’t believe it!

This will be one of those years when I don’t get to fast, so I’m a little bummed. I enjoy being a part of the whole Ramadan culture of fasting and gathering with friends for iftar (breaking of the fast).

I’m planning to really try my best to utilize this Ramadan as a time for reflection. I also want to try to get back on track with healthy eating and cooking. Being pregnant just makes me want to eat anything and everything. I’ve been good for the most part, but I think eating several bags of Peppermint Patties kind of defeats the purpose lol.

If you have any ideas for great Ramadan recipes that are healthy and easy I’d love to post them on the site and share them with everyone. If you have pictures of your dish that would be great too!

What are your plans for this Ramadan? Are you doing anything different or are there certain things you do the same every year?