Aug 062009

If you recall Hijabtrendz had an interview with Marabo fashion awhile back, and now it appears the clothing company is going out of business.

It’s sad to hear the news, but if you’d like to turn it into something good, then buy something before they’re gone! :)

They will be officially offline in 5 days, so if you’d like a great deal now is your last chance.

In other news… get ready for fall with these great deals:

The Liz Claiborn site has pin pleated tunics on sale now in prints and solids.

The same style of those thin cardigans that are $65.00 are in Walmart for $10.00

Go to for lots of longer jackets, tunics, etc. some at great prices, a bit edgier; u have to look carefully through the weird stuff to find it. can tailor your stuff to your body. If you want it longer, w/long sleeves and their prices are reasonable. -they are getting more ‘mainstream stuff’ that isn’t so ethnic and are adding knits finally.

Usually women who wear bigger sizes are the ones who get shafted in fashion, but it just so happens that the online places actually start at size 12, so it’s more open in sizing than people think. or are plus size shops that have so many really pretty long tunics and sweaters, and they are really cheap.

At H&M I got a long sleeved tunic for $25.00, light and airy with pintucks in a brown w/raspberry and multicolor print. It would have been see-through, but getting it in brown changed that. The long sleeved thin, ribbed cardigan was less than $25.00 as well.

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  1. That’s :)

  2. At least so it seems – I got some computer company when I typed in

  3. Not crazy about onestopplus, but roamans is very pretty. The weird thing about them is that none of their models appear to be plus size.

    E-shakti has to be my favorite. They do custom sizing. Absolutely essential if you’re very tall. They give options up to 6’11”!!!! And you can have them put sleeves on something sleeveless, or alter the neckline to be more modest, etc.

  4. ALERT! Time sensitive – two-day sale in progress! Maybe feature this Maryam! If you join the BMV club (15 USD a year) at the Butterick, Vogue, or McCall’s web sites, you can get in on their private sale today (Friday) and Saturday. All patterns (except out-of-print, but including designer, evening wear etc.), on all three web sites (you can combine shipping for all patterns purchased from all web sites if you have a BMV account) are 4.75 USD during this sale.

  5. This is truly wonderful. Thanks for putting this out there.

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