Dealing with the surprises in life

Behind the Screen

You never know what’s going to happen to you 10 minutes or 10 days from now and you can’t always be prepared.

My problem is that I’m a last minute type of person, but at the same time I like to know things head of time. It’s kind of hard to explain.

But it’s like this. If I can plan out my future, I would love it. There would be no stress and I could say for sure how I would get from point A to point B.

At the same time, I like to be spontaneous. It’s fun to jump up and say “Let’s go take a road trip!” And just go with the flow.

Lately there have been some things in my life that are unpredictable. I’m not sure where I’ll be living a month from now, whether I’ll be moving or staying in the big city, whether I’ll stay in the U.S. or move abroad.

And if I move, will I find a place that I like? Where will I deliver the new baby?

It’s been hard and I’ve been staying up late at night pondering these things. But I know in the end I should leave it up to God and let it go.

It’s just hard, really hard.

It’s so easy to talk about how people should deal with the unknown and it’s so easy give others advice when they’re in a tough situation, but it’s so much harder when you’re actually experiencing it.

Part of it may be the pregnancy hormones. One second I’m elated at the thought of an adventure and the next I’m bawling my eyes out because I can’t bear to change my life for something I’ve yet to experience.

I know this sounds a little vague but it’s because everything is very unexplainable at this point. I wish I knew more about what is going to happen! :)

One thing I have learned though, is that tough times can make or break you. Some people have relationships that are destroyed and others have relationships that thrive.

Thankfully I feel stronger and closer to my family. It has made me more appreciative of the people I have in my life and I realize that no matter what happens, if you are surrounded by good and positive people, you will make it through anything.

Have you ever had to get through a difficult time in your life? How did you deal with it?