Relax in your hijab

There is nothing more annoying than feeling as though you have a zillion layers on and to top it off you’re trying to make your hijab go with your outfit.

If you’ve ever felt like it’s just too much work to get out of the house, don’t worry!

Many outfits can be worn outside that are hijab-friendly and hassle free. Don’t worry about putting together the most froo froo headscarf and up to date fashionista wardrobe, it’s not worth the stress.

Here are some great wardrobe staples to have:

  • Yoga pants: whether you get them in boot cut or wide leg (depends on your body type), they help because they are stretchy and you have more room to move around.

yoga pants from boston proper

yoga pants from Boston Proper

wide leg pants from e fashion house

extra wide leg yoga pants from eFashion House

  • Long tunics/jackets: awesome because they cover that junk in the trunk and look stylish. They also pair nicely with yoga pants. Depending on the shoes/accessories you wear you can make your look super casual or a little more hip.

long jacket from boston proper

long jacket from Boston Proper

tunic tshirt from land end

tunic t-shirt from Land’s End

tunic from boston proper

peace tunic from Boston Proper

silk tunic

silk tunic from Nordstrom

  • Plain hijabs without any prints or patterns: you can easily wear them with any outfit without worrying about anything except color coordination. Go for Al-Amirah styles or just the regular pin under the chin and tuck it in.

What do you do to keep things low maintenance?

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    Do you sell the Boston proper peace symbol top?

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