Wild summer with animal prints

We just featured this top as one of the not so boring long sleeve shirts on the market. It has some animal-like prints and is great for a summer shindig because it’s casual yet formal at the same time.

Dress it up with some white relaxed fit pants or a skirt.

Wear a white tank top underneath for coverage. Cover your hair with a white or black sheila and for added pizazz you can wear a turquoise under-scarf and have it just peek from beneath the sheila.

Clothing Montage

5-stone Turquoise Bracelet $336.00 from Turquoise Jewelry,

Beaded Tunic $109.00 from Boston Proper,

Shoes by Charles David $114.95 at Zappos,

Women’s Drawstring Pants $15.00 at Old Navy,

Plain Black Sheila at The Hijab Shop,