Awnings for Hijab

In Malaysia, awnings are similar to the Turkish hijab style.

If you’ve noticed the Turkish style, there is usually a piece of plastic inserted underneath the brim of the scarf to help it stand up and keep its shape.

Here is a picture of the Turkish style:


Well, in Malaysia they actually have under-scarves with decorated parts that peek out of the hijab. These are what they call “awnings”. They kind of look like sun visors. Some of the awnings come attached to material and some are on their own so you can add your own scarf with it.

Here are some pics from Tudung Princess Exclusive:


Check out these pics from online retailer Pearl Haya:


In any case, it’s a genius idea! No need to mess with plastic to get the right shape. It’s already done for you!

Would you wear something like that?

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  1. Noora

    Well, Malaysians are very innovative. Malaysia Boleh!

  2. Mariam Sobh

    I absolutely love the Malaysian style. Unfortunately it doesn’t get much coverage because people tend to focus on the Turkish one much more.

  3. Wasaski

    Wow, I actually like the way the Malaysians wear it, it looks beautiful, although I don’t think I could pull off the look 🙁

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