Keeping Long Hair Under Wrap

We recently had a question from a reader about how to keep really long hair put together under hijab.

You’re going to need to put your hair up in a clip or bun that is strong so it doesn’t fall down as your walking around outside. There is nothing more annoying than having to duck into a bathroom or dressing room every 5 seconds because your hair is about to bust out the back of your scarf. :)

Other Ideas:

If you don’t like wrapping your hair up you could braid it and tuck it in the back of your shirt so it hangs down. But from experience this can get annoying and start to bother you especially on a hot day.

Another thing that can keep all your hair in one place is to use the smaller piece from the Al-Amirah hijab or some other underscarf to tie around your hair. These help reduce the slipperiness so that your scarf doesn’t slide off your head.

Long hair can be hard to manage because it’s heavy and putting it up in a bun all day can give you quite a headache, so it may be time to think of a new hairstyle. Otherwise, you’ll have to improvise and play around with different updo’s until you find one you like.