Spring Hijab Fashion Show

We found out about this event at the last minute and we’re so happy we made it!

Several hijab fashion lines including: Primo Moda, Artizara, Islamic Outfitters, Maraboo, Contemporary Modestwear and Shukr were modeled on the runway and were for sale after the event.

The only designer that was there in person was Sarah from Artizara. We were able to get a sneak peek at her new line that has not yet hit the website yet.

And the clothes are AMAZING!

The event is scheduled to return to Chicago next year. We’ll make sure to give you a heads up!

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  1. jamila

    je mappelle jamila ja suis modernité je seuhaete vous

  2. siti

    any chance of you guys coming to Singapore? i know there’s many of us out here waiting for a chance to model for you.
    So do come over.

  3. Mariam Sobh

    Mlaiuppa… I agree that some of the fashions that have started to emerge are a little basic, but because it’s such a new scene for Muslims in general, it’s going to take time to build into something. There are some great high fashion hijab designers, but most of them are based overseas and I’m sure have huge budgets to be able to produce exquisite outfits.

  4. mlaiuppa

    I really don’t see my style or innovation here. These look like something I would whip up in my junior high school home economics class. Even given the restrictions needed, I would expect professional designers to come up with something more than this.

  5. Mariam Sobh

    I believe the top photos are from Contemporary Modestwear based out of Orland Park, Il. I think the website is http://www.al-anika.com
    But I don’t think they have some of the outfits they modeled online yet.

  6. Habiba

    salam,i love the 4th outfit going from left to right inthe first photo. would look great on me at uni

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