The Savvy Hijabi: Best Online Customer Service

These stores get an excellent rating from me because of their great return policies:


Newport News


Norm Thomson


Endless Shoes


These are all companies you can order from online, and when you receive your package, there is a mailing label included for returns. I appreciate the generous return policies of Amazon and Nordstrom. They either include a mailing label or allow you to print one at home.

The labels are for the USPS (United States Postal Service), so you can just set them outside your door or give them to your USPS mail person without a trip to the Post Office.

You should contact the retailer first, and they will email or mail you the return label, and give you an invoice number for it, known as the ‘Return Invoice Number’ or RIN. This allows your package to be processed faster and your credit or exchange to get to you quickly. The policies for these labels are usually that if you are getting an exchange, they will not charge you for shipping.

Straight out returns may be charged, unless your product was deficient in some way. Nevertheless, companies who make return easy get more customers, and those who go out of their way to have happy customers realized that they cannot pay for the advertising of loyal customers.

I hope that online companies catering to Muslims with specialized products realize this. It may appear to cost more money, but in the long run they will be more profitable.

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