Leave Your Wallet At Home

Or you may go on a shopping spree!

If you’re not sure you can control the urge to whip out that credit card then don’t even bring it with you on your next outing. 🙂

There are so many deals and sales to get people out there spending. Consumers haven’t been spending as much as they usually do for the holiday season and so you’ll find some great incentives.

Our previous post was meant to get you thinking about whether you absolutely need something or if it’s just a passing fantasy. Once you’ve got that all sorted out, then you can probably shop more judiciously.

We’ve compiled a sampling of places and some of the deals they’re offering:

American Eagle: Buy one get one 50% off and it includes anything in the store. Plus get 20% off with this code: 68491578

Bath and Body Works: Printable coupon here for free item with a $10 purchase. OR $10 off a $50 online purchase with code: PEOPLE08

Gap: $20 off your $100 order plus free shipping with code: GAP20

Newport News: They have weekly secret deals like this one. Get 25% off your order with code: 546 or 20% off with code: 550 and free shipping on orders over $50 with code:L91 next to shipping box.

Old Navy: 20% off your $100 order online plus free shipping with code 20FREESHIP and don’t forget about the $10 off  your $50 order coupon from Southwest.

Sephora: Free shipping on orders over $50. Just enter SHIPPING50 at checkout (some promotions say you don’t need a code). 15% off your order with code: FYP96

Topshop: (U.S. readers can order too!) Great Christmas offers that knock almost half off of some items. They also have a great sale section, although the items are limited.

Victoria’s Secret: Today is the last day to get 20% off your entire order with code 20PERCENT, plus you can get free express 2 day shipping. Rumor has it the semi-annual sale starts next week.

The possibilities are endless with the sales, we’re pretty sure you’ll find tons more out there. If there is something cool you’d like to share with other Hijabtrendz readers leave a comment or hit us up through our email info at hijabtrendz dot com.

Note: Make sure to read the fine print as some deals have restrictions and expiration dates.

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