Challenge Day 27

Only one more day left.. are you ready to check out your results?

We really want to share ours with you, but we have to wait until Monday for the big reveal.

You can still do it, and even if you just started today, it’s one more day towards healthier living.

For iftar today:

Choose a light meal over a heavier one. If you’re invited for iftar try to eat in moderation. We know it’s hard to resist all that good food. But your eyes are usually bigger than your stomach the saying goes.. so drink water when you break your fast and you’ll consume much less.

Salad and soup are your friends because you’re getting fresh vegetables and liquid to re-hydrate.

For exercise:
Since it’s the home stretch, consider really increasing your cardio if you’re able to and run for a good 20 minutes. If that’s too hard aim for a minimum of 10-15 minutes. After you get that heart pumping do 25 push-ups and 25 sit-ups. Stretch it out.

For suhoor:
Enjoy a fruit smoothie made with non-fat yogurt, a little honey, fresh or frozen fruit, some water and blend it up. Add some fiber powder to it or even protein powder. Don’t forget to take your vitamin!

For exercise:
Alternate between deep stretching and side squats/lunges.

Tomorrow is the finale.. yippee!

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